Workshop on Non-Classical Logic and Probabilistic Reasoning

Dates February 17-18, 2022

Location Online via zoom

Participation The workshop is free and open to everyone. To receive the zoom link, please contact Sabine Frittella by email (sabine dot frittella at

Aims and topics The workshop aims at bringing together researchers studying logic, probability, decision making, and uncertainty in order to formalize reasoning under incomplete and/or contradictory information.

Invited speakers
* Petr Cintula. From Halpern and Hajek to abstract theory of two layered modal logics
* Didier Dubois. A unified view of some formalisms handling incomplete and inconsistent information
* Tommaso Flaminio. Local Reduction of Probabilistic Reasoning to Lukasiewicz Logic and MV-algebras
* Apostolos Tzimoulis. Non-normal modal logics, ALBA and probabilities

Program is available here (all times are Central European Time (CET))
Abstracts is available here

* Ondrej MAJER

* Andrea De Domenico: Algorithmic correspondence and analytic rules slides
* Sabine Frittella: Non-standard probabilities and belief functions over Belnap Dunn logic slides
* Giuseppe Greco: Łukasiewicz logic properly displayed slides
* Niki Pfeifer: Probability logic as a rationality framework slides
* Umberto Rivieccio: Twist-Algebras and Nuclei slides
* Giuseppe Sanfilippo: Compound conditionals and conditional random quantities in the setting of coherence slides
* Apostolos Tzimoulis: Non-normal modal logics, ALBA and probabilities slides