Research Topics

The Systems and Data Security team specializes in cyber-security in general and in data security in particular. Its research themes are articulated around two axes: (1) data security: privacy, anonymity and secure computation and (2) system security: access control, authenticity and traceability. These two thematic axes are supported by a transversal axis modelling and formalization of knowledge (epistemic logic) and systems (temporal logic, graphs, automata).

Data security

This axis concerns privacy in a broader sense and secure computation. In particular, the team is currently working on:

  • Secure and private computation
    • Secure MapReduce computation with no information leakage
    • SQL requests computation in a distributed environment relying on secure hardware
    • Secure and private computation of influence metrics
  • Anonymisation
    • in linked data
    • in presence of customized user constraints
  • Privacy, minimal exposure of personal information in automatized decision processes

Involved permanent members: Pascal Berthomé, Radu Ciucanu, Cédric Eichler, Sabine Frittela, Benjamin Nguyen

System security

The SDS team was a pioneer in France in the domain of  mandatory access control. Recently, the team got involved on IoT and blockchain. The current research directions in this axis are:

  • Mandatory Access control
    • MAC in Clouds, in the Java Virtual Machine and on Android using static rules
    • MAC using automata in embedded real-time systems
  • IoT security
    • Interoperability, authentification, confidentiality and integrity in heterogeneous systems
    • Secure payments using blockchain
    • Tractability in IoT using blockchain

Involved permanent members: Jérémy Briffaut, Vincent Hugot, Christian Toinard

Research Projects